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Moscow seminar and examinations

The 26th, 27th and 28th I was in Moscow and as usual they were very good for me and the hotel was the first class park hotel.
The examinations where the day before and it was the famous Yurry Federishin Hanshi together with Alex Nesterenko Hanshi who where leading the test.
From the many who were attending the  4 hour during test only 12 where made Shodan from the ibk.
Two 2nd dans and one third dan one of the new black belts was the well-known Mr. Andrey Reus  who is an important man and oversees about 50 defense offices.
He is a student of Nesterenko Kancho of Russia and worked his way up for 4 and a half year.

The 27th I gave a seminar mostly about the Kyokushin Budokai system and what is all about.
The seminar was highly appreciated especial the choke I used on Kaminaga to get him out for almost 20 minutes was keenly copied.
The dojo was on the grounds of the famous helicopter company where Nesterenko Hanshi also works and got the supervision of the Budoka from the plant.
They have many factories of the MIL helicopter plant all throughout Russia and they were to work towards dojos for every one of them.

After I gave the newly graduated their certificates who had a good meeting.
Sensei Andrey Reus promised to work with the IBK Russia to make it big and recognized by the Russian Sport division. Russia’s IBK  is now very strong and getting stronger by the week.
The new dojo of the MIL heli plant was built in one year and is big and very modern.
It was a pleasure to teach them.  After the seminar of course to the famous restaurant the Shanti from Bayuk Hanshi and his partner. Absolute lovely the food they serve there.
Also Sergey Badyuk Kaicho of Russia came in from his film session and we had again a private meeting in which I explained what happened and my idée’s for the time when I pass away. He told me also what they had in mind and I agreed to that for they really do a good job. They have also good sponsors who really like the IBK.

The director gave me a beautiful big copy on a plastic plate of the terrific fighting helicopter and a thick book in English about the whole history of the MIL plants.
The session ended with an impressive display from a Iaido Sensei Ivanov who every year studies in Tokyo and like the old samurais also studied the TEA ceremony which he showed us later at his beautiful shop in Moscow.

All by all a lovely weekend by our Russian Family of the IBK.

I thank all of the Hanshi’s Shihans and Sensei’s who made it such a hell of a weekend.


Osu, Kaicho.






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