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On 28th January we entered the Scottish Knockdown Championships (classic Kyokushin rules). Clubs from all over Scotland and England took part in this event. IBK Scotland did very well, considering that it wasn't the All-Round Fighting rules. We managed to win a gold, a silver and three bronzes!

On 17th March IBK Scotland introduced a brand new concept to MMA fighting with the SMMART tournament (Scottish Mixed Martial Arts Rookie Tournament). Shihan Marc was approached by his Senpai Stanislaw Swiecick with his amazing concept, which they then developed together. The tournament, within which fighters have to win to advance to the next round, was unique as the emphasis was on safety first, with headguards and shin protectors also having to be worn. The tournament was an unbelievable success! It is hoped that IBK Scotland will run at least two of these not-for-profit shows a year. Later, as fighters gain experience they will compete in the tougher MMAiq tournaments that Shihan Marc and Senpai Stanislaw have also developed.

Osu to everyone in the IBK!

In Budo

Marc Howes Dai Shihan UK


The front row winners are Jonas Marcus (Aberdeen University IBK) 1st place MW, Stefan Bonchev (Aberdeen University IBK) 2nd place LW and Stuart Addison (Jigoku Dojo IBK) 3rd place LW. And yep that's me at the back centre with the lack of hair!



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