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Ralf Fahrun is NOT more in the IBK Print

Ralf Fahrun is NOT more in the IBK, from Jon Bluming anymore.

Their are no dojos in Germany who went with him to join Kuipers his org.

Please dont send  the dojofee or other money for ibk services to Fahrun  because he is NOT in the ibk anymore and never again will be!

Very soon you get the 2012 dojo fee from OUR IBK from Jon Bluming.

Tom Madsen 7th dan is the NEW Dai Shihan and former worldchampion Free fight.
His other teacher the famous Gokor 9th dan IBK was supposed to give a seminar in Emmen but after the terrible event what took place with Kuipers he stopped that.

But if their is anybody who wants to go with Ralf and Kuipers than please go, we want only LOYAL  dojo,s.

If you have questions please mail Tom Shihan or Kaicho.





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