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From the 12th until the 15th of July I was in Moscow on invitation of the Dai Shihan and sponsor for Russia Sergey Badyuk 7Th dan. Reason was that he organised examinations for Moscou and cities around Moscou. Even the Dai Shihan of St Petersburg was present Yurrie Egorov 6Th dan.
Some 40 Budoka where present and the fights after a rough training given by Yurrie Fedorishin 7Th dan was a terrific event. 30 for the shodans 40 for the nidans and 50 for the sandans. And it was in real Russian styl no bullshit but Lets rumble.

I had a good day because this is what BUDOKAI  and IBK is all about and I can surely count on the Russians. Also the students of Moscow did their bit and their sempai Alex Skvortsov 1st dan was watching his pupils Alex made a Good name for him when last time he took the test with several of his
His students, he said, "only 30 for shodan ??? That is for pussies. We Fight 50 like real men "and they did it in great style .what a spirit.

The club is under guidance of Badyuk Dai Shihan who wants a clean house. I missed our Moscou Monk ioan Ohlobistin of the Great Moscou white Cathedral, and his songs he sang by the opening last time. Than a new comer the in Russia famous movie star Sergey Veksler did the test a made 1st dan. Not one missed this change and all passed the test and the fighting, easy in Great style. Especial Badyuk Dai Shihan was elated because many where his students so he loved the results.

After the tests up to the party of course at Badyuks restaurant the beautifull "SHANTI "in midtown Moscou. Moscow is every year more beautiful with great buildings in nice colours. Also the Flat buildings in downtown a lovely site for tired eyes I really started to love Moscou and the IBK members they are really like I am with FAMILY.


Kaicho Bluming 


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