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10Apr 2014 Training april Dojo Senshi
02Apr 2014 Results Nordic open
22Mar 2014 Seminar for the Un Heidelberg 14 oct 2014
21Mar 2014 Results 11th Domenica Cup
21Mar 2014 Sad news Berny Lepkofker
21Mar 2014 Bijzondere promotie Shihan Patrick Baas
17Mar 2014 Tsunami Dojo pakt prijzen op EK in Den Haag
01Mar 2014 Warning
17Feb 2014 Goshin Jutsu Makoto Shi Kon Dojo
13Feb 2014 Kaicho's verjaardags training
28Jan 2014 Articles for site's can only by placed by Kaicho
27Jan 2014 Opening Tsunami Dojo, Jan de Bruin
22Jan 2014 Results Wintercamp 2014
17Jan 2014 Kaicho Bluming
30Dec 2013 Kaicho's new year wish 2014
24Dec 2013 Kyokushin training Schiedam
28Nov 2013 New website Swiss IBK Shihan Albrecht
28Nov 2013 IBK Euro 2013 Poland movie
28Nov 2013 IBK_Euro 2013 Official results Poland
20Nov 2013 Video of the Karate Summer Camp 2013 in Switzerland
14Nov 2013 MMA Award France 2013 2
14Nov 2013 MMA Award France 2013
04Nov 2013 Kyokushin Karate tournament in Bosnia and Herzegovina
22Sep 2013 Sensei Mario D'Hoker stage and promotion
06Aug 2013 Jimmy Bregman
22Jul 2013 Budokai Hellas summer camp
01Jul 2013 Summercamp ibk in Zurich Swiss
29Jun 2013 All India all style Full Contact Karate Tournament
18Dec 2012 Budokai Tsunami op de NK Kyokushin.
16Nov 2012 Scottish Mixed Martial Arts Rookie Tournament
16Nov 2012 Umesh Kant Giri from India is expelled
02Nov 2012 For further information websites of I.B.K. and
02Nov 2012 founder of the IBK.NL Kaicho Jon Bluming
31Oct 2012 Message from Marc Howes
31Aug 2012 Jon Bluming Europe World Board
25Jun 2012 Kyokushin Budokai grading system
06Jun 2012 Trip Moscow 2012
16May 2012 World Cup tournament Hungary
28Apr 2012 Scottish Knockdown Championships
24Apr 2012 Karma
19Apr 2012 Ralf Fahrun is NOT more in the IBK
10Apr 2012 Competition shiai Kyokushin Budokai style
10Apr 2012 ONE and SINGLE Kyokushin-Budokai
05Apr 2012 Some pictures of Kaicho from the real IBK
25May 2011 Fighting with bears in Russia.
16Jul 2010 The first IBK "Kyokushin Budokai" championship
28May 2010 Pictures Moskou
28May 2009 Kaicho Bluming promoted shihan Pim Viguurs till Hanshi { 8th dan }
06May 2009 Again the IBK presented the unique skilled Gokor Chivichyan
25Feb 2009 In Memoriam Sensei Fred Muller passed away
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