Again the IBK presented the unique skilled Gokor Chivichyan

Again the IBK presented the unique skilled Gokor Chivichyan (9. Dan IBK) from Armenia today living in Hollywood USA.

As in the previous year Kancho Henk Kuipers again invited our fellow IBK member Gokor to come and give a seminar in the Honbu in Emmen.

Gokor who is mainly known for his extraordinary grappling skills and being teacher of many of the fighters from the MMA event UFC was despite giving seminars in countries all over Europe not in doubt when asked to come to see his friend Kancho Henk Kuipers. As Always Gokor was looking forward to enjoying the wonderful spirit of the Kyokushin Budokai Dojo and again he brought lots of techniques.

Starting out with some tactical suggestions on MMA fighting and some devastating Take Downs Gokor also showed some very painful locks from standard positions and some mean mean leglocks as well.

As always it was obvious to all participants what kind of Master Instructor Gokor is and everybody were very happy to join in on the fun (and the pain).

It would be great to welcome Gokor again in the coming year.

All best and Osu

Tom Madsen, Shihan

Gokor Chivichyan